Computer Upbringing: Sophie Leclerc talks about Happy Downloadday

Trevor Hogg chats with Emmy Award-winning VFX Producer Sophie Leclerc about her directorial project Happy Downloadday...

Following in the footsteps of Tron [1982] where human beings become entwined with software programs is the science fiction tale Happy Downloadday; the short film depicts a dystopian society where computer generated children are not allowed a human body until the age of 18 at which time they are expected to become productive citizens. Family conflict arises when a virtual teenager portrayed by Nick Eversman (The Runaways) defies his parents’ wishes for him to download into a physical body. “First of all, I believe each film has its own unique voice because each director has his/her own vision,’ states Emmy Award-winning VFX Producer Sophie Leclerc (The Grey) who helmed the project. “Secondly, I think this short film in particular deals with the subject of virtual reality that has not been seen before thanks to the
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