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Poll: Which fictional U.S. President would you vote for?

Which fictional U.S. President would you vote for? Or would you still vote for Obama or Bush? This poll is based on a real poll ran by Reuters and reported in Time Magazine polling only fictional television Presidents. This poll expands it to fictional movie U.S. Presidents too. However, since both real life Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush were included in the Time article, they have a humorous honorary place on this poll too. Discuss this poll here.

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    David Palmer

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    President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet

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    Laura Roslin

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    President Fitzgerald Grant

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    Francis Underwood

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    President Conrad Dalton

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    President James Marshall

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    Dave Kovic

    Since the storyline of the film is that a look-alike is impersonating a sick president in a coma, and ends up being a better president than the real one in a coma was, make that Dave Kovic / faux President Bill Mitchell
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    President Andrew Shepherd

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    President Beck

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    President Jordan Lyman

    Played by Fredric March
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    Governor Jack Stanton

    He is president at the end of the film,
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    Played by Henry Fonda
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    President Sawyer

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    Monroe Cole

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    Barack Obama

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    George W. Bush

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    President Thomas J. Whitmore

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    President Blake

    Played by Perry King
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    President William Haney

    Played by Dan Aykroyd
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    President Russell P. Kramer

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    President Matt Douglas

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    Mays Gilliam

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    President James Dale

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    Grant Matthews

    Played by Spencer Tracy
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    President Jackson Evans

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    President Camacho

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    President Hathaway

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    President Hathaway

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    Leslie McCloud

    Played by Polly Bergen
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    President Mackenzie Allen

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    Selina Meyer

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    Hon. Judson Hammond

    Played by Walter Huston
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